Otto von Berlin, a brand for creative spaces, offers a unique combination of ideas and services for a perfect home or public space.
We believe in personal approach to your space so you can make the right decisions and above all save time.


New empty spaces or old flats, offices or restaurants in need of renovation are a perfect starting point to collaborate with Otto von Berlin. We know just how to mix unique creative ideas and on-time execution into a perfect project.

Focus on client

Otto von Berlin is 100% client focused. The first step is to determine functional anatomy of the future interior by asking key questions:

– What the client needs the space for?

– How will the client use the space?

– What does the client want in the space?

– For business clients – does the space reflect the brand story of the company?

Unique concepts and ideas

When all the first questions are answered, it comes up to the design. Here the creative power of Otto von Berlin comes into the full swing. Take a look at some of our latest projects…

Detailed execution plans

After successfully finished concept, the execution plans are created. Filled with precise facts, measurements and requirements about all stages of the execution of the project. These plans form the basis for future decisions regarding materials, suppliers, sub-contractors and for the making up of the final list of executional requirements. And they are all carefully balanced with the client’s budget.

On-time execution

Just sit back and relax, Otto von Berlin is in charge here. We build up your new space from the very first step and up to the very last detail. Otto von Berlin strives to finish the project quickly, professionally and with transparent overview of each step.


Is your home missing that special something? Do you want to personalize your living or working space with simple, smart and creative ideas? And you need someone to help you with ideas and save you time? It can just be a unique lamp, a sideboard, mirror or simply a color on your wall. Otto von Berlin can help!

With our personal shopper service you can choose between different packages to help you decide and save a great deal of your time:

Package 1: We offer counseling, design advice and blueprints for your apartment or house. This will make your communication with project managers and contractors later on much easier.

Package 2: We can help you shop for furniture with suggestions, short-lists and tips or even go shopping with you and help you make better deals.

Package 3: We can design the unique, custom made furniture or other design solutions especially for you.