Smart City – A look into the future of architecture

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Hey folks, it’s me again. You favorite French bulldog, Otto von Berlin. Have you ever wondered how our life in the future might look like? With all the technological impact that is happening out there, Smart Home solutions and Smart Design for residential apartments, we started to wonder how life in a futuristic home might […]

Business apartment – creating a multi-functional space

Business apartment – creating a multi-functional space

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Hey folks, it’s me again; your favorite French bulldog, CE-Woof and creative director Otto from Otto von Berlin. This time, I want to introduce to you our newest project that we are working on – something very out of the box for us. We are building a business apartment in Berlin-Grunewald made all in white […]

Color Block Interior Design – An experiment with antique pink

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Hey folks, it’s me again. Your favorite French Bulldog, CE-Woof and Creative Director of the Interior Design Office Otto von Berlin. We have been dealing with something very bizarre in our Interior Design office lately… Almost like a sickness that overcame us and our immune system was not strong enough to resist it. Beware of […]

Otto von Berlin turns 4 – Birthday blogpost

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Hey folks, it’s me again; your favorite Frenchie and creative director of Otto von Berlin. Summer’s officially over and my owner Gregor Drobnic and I are back in our Kiez – it’s darn cold back here in Berlin. One thing that happens each time we turn to our chosen home, besides exciting new projects, is […]

Start Up Office Design

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Hey everybody, it’s been a while. We had some very busy weeks lately and worked off our paws to get our latest projects on the right track before our big summer break. We have been exposed to a lot of creative input over the year and have been thinking back to our beginnings and our […]

Eastern European Architecture

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“What makes good design?” is a question often bandied about in the furniture and interior design industry. Although the answer can be ambiguous, part of it lies in being curious, dissatisfied, and a good storyteller, as shared in my latest interview that I held with some selected interior designers. But my question would not only […]

How the “King of Coffee” is influencing Berlin’s coffee culture

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Hey folks, it’s me again – your favorite French bulldog, CE-woof and creative director, Otto. I have a question to ask you: what the hell do you like about this disgusting, black liquid in those very unpractical and small human bowls? It doesn’t taste well to me, but you humans seem to love that stuff. […]

Discovering Design Furniture: An exclusive Interview with Innsides

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Hey folks, it’s me again. Your favorite French bulldog and CE-Woof from Otto von Berlin, Otto. Today, I have an interview prepared with you with one of my favorite humans on this planet – Anne-Marie den Hertog, founder of the interior design platform Innsides and one of the best belly scratchers I know. Anne-Marie’s career […]

Penthouse in Prenzlauer Berg – The origin of the Dark Scandinavian

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You guys, maybe you know this phenomenon, too. Sometimes you have to return to those places that mean most to you. Your favorite tree, favorite park or favorite plastic bag, to mark your territory or to remember special memories. My places are the streets of Neukölln, the Weichselplatz and my beloved Hasenheide. My owner Gregor […]

Berlin Industrial Loft Office – A visit at Secret Escapes

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Guys, my doggy bum is really fed up with this stupid weather that I have to survive for months. No matter where I look: grew, cold, wet, snowy, slick – just horrible. I need some vacation! As soon as possible. Preferably some nice beach or any warm place in general. As long as I don’t […]