Smart City – A look into the future of architecture

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Hey folks, it’s me again. You favorite French bulldog, Otto von Berlin. Have you ever wondered how our life in the future might look like? With all the technological impact that is happening out there, Smart Home solutions and Smart Design for residential apartments, we started to wonder how life in a futuristic home might look like. Luckily, we came across a very interesting image by RS Components describing a smart building within a smart city and showing us what will be possible in the future. From smart windows, vertical farming, and Intra-body-communication – are you ready to join our journey to the future?

Smart Cities – multi-functional, ecological, innovative

There are many cities out there, who are constructing themselves to be smart cities, such as Rotterdam, Hamburg, Oslo but also Berlin. Those cities are trying to create architectural constructs that are connected with each other by the objects from the realm of the Internet of Things, creating a self-sustaining society where everything seems to be possible. We can only wonder how the interior design of the future might look like. Will it be like Star Treck, or more like the Jetsons? Will the shapes be round and clean, or bold and messy, dark colors, bright and embracing colors – we simply don’t know yet. But there are many things out there to look forward to.

Reducing a carbon footprint – green, urban offices and buildings in a smart city

One of the aspects in the smart city is going green. All smart city solutions will be ecological and moving away from those industrial times we used to have. One example are green start up offices. Companies are increasingly adding more outdoor spaces to offices for employees to enjoy, and incorporating nature into the interior design, such as living walls of plants, Zen gardens and greenhouses – even vertical farming is included in some visions. Less obviously, more firms are creating buildings that are energy efficient or that even create more renewable energy than they consume. This is only the beginning of the possibilities, how offices can transform their interior design and buildings into green pillars and amazing smart buildings. Have a look on what this smart building has to offer. I’m out for now. Talk to you very soon. Yours, Otto von Berlin.
Smart Cities – Uniting People

Smart Cities – Uniting People – eine Infografik von RS Components