Color Block Interior Design – An experiment with antique pink

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Hey folks, it’s me again. Your favorite French Bulldog, CE-Woof and Creative Director of the Interior Design Office Otto von Berlin. We have been dealing with something very bizarre in our Interior Design office lately… Almost like a sickness that overcame us and our immune system was not strong enough to resist it. Beware of one of the design trends of 2018 and our topic of the month – Color Block Design. In antique pink! PINK!! Yes you have heard correctly. ANTIQUE PINK! To explain how the hell we got to talk about this, let me first explain to you what Color Block Interior Design really is.

Color Block Interior Design antique pink


Our most recent inquiry has hit us quite unexpected. It was a very pleasant surprise, but as a Berlin based company, we would have not guessed that we would be taken this early back to our roots, back to where it all began; Slovenia. We are designing a project for a very special client and his retail store. But who would have thought that the color selection we would be working with is antique pink… Don’t be afraid of LIGHTER colors is our new mantra I assume? But we have no doubt that the mastermind behind our Interior Design office can think outside of the box and create the perfect space for any client. But let’s talk about Color Block Interior Design for a moment and specify it; what is that actually?

The origin of Color Block Design

Color Blocking derives from the Fashion industry of the late 40s, when one of the most iconic pieces by Yves St. Laurent was displayed on the runway. It was the turning point for many eras to come and designers to source their inspiration from. The 60s and 70s were very grateful for Yves St. Laurent’s vision and topped it, using bright colors to create bold and never-before-seen looks. But why should something this unique and shaping for the design industry only remain in the fashion world? So Interior Designers started to implement the idea of pairing few solid hues, to create single bold looks in their space. They have started to compose simple lines and bright color space, simplified forms and stunning color combinations are a way to create modern Interior Design.

The Color Block Interior Design works also with single or multicolored geometric shapes – triangles, squares, ovals, rectangles, etc. – adding unique design to modern Interior Design. This trend can be used to create both fun and sophisticated looks. The possibilities are nearly endless, to create stunning and dazzling color combinations. Here are some hints from us, how to Color Block your space.


One thing up front: Color Block Interior Design can turn quickly overwhelming if too many dazzling shades are competing for the eye’s attention. But one way to incorporate the trend is to paint one or two accent walls in your favorite contrasting shades and scatter complementary items throughout the room, to tie all elements together.

Another tip: If you want to make a statement, select some zones on your wall or ceiling and paint geometrical shapes that stand out from the main wall color. It is an easy way to create such thing, but you have to pay attention to the details!

Especially when doing it yourself, prepare the measures well, use a ruler, a compass, whatever you need to make those precise measures.

Art & Accessories

We wouldn’t be the winner of the “Finest Interior Design Award” for “Arts and Accessories”, if we wouldn’t know our way around, how to implement the right objects to your Color Block Interior Design. After all, color blocking is inspired by art; therefore it will look great on your walls. Here is where our DYH fans can really get crazy. You can create your own modern masterpiece with large color-blocked pieces. It can be as simple as a solid colored geometric shape, painted on a white canvas. Mix it properly with other accessories and you will end up with a tasteful and chic design that really stands out.

Another simple way to accentuate your color block décor is to highlight your sofas, chairs and beds with contrasting solid colors. Cushions for example, or curtains are the best way to add some contrast to your space. Complement it with the right lamps and your home is perfectly designed in Color Block.


As we mentioned before, Color Block Design can quickly get overwhelming. Especially when dealing with bigger furniture pieces like couches. They have a high impact on the overall décor, even if it’s only one bright chair or standing lamp. They will look good if you give them a proper, not too busy background.

As fans of Vintage Interior Design, we like to reuse our purchases we salvages from yard sales and give them a new look with a coat of fresh paint. They will enhance the space if used upon neutral bases. Try to use your classic pieces, who might not fit a contemporary design and use them as your tool to apply color blocking at home. It’s all about the balance in your home.

Color Block Interior Design antique pink

Well, I guess it’s not done yet talking about antique pink in our Interior Design Office for a while, but I hope our tips and history lesson on Color Block Interior Design were helpful to you guys.

In case you need more inspiration, check out our blog or Otto’s corner on Design Your Home; we have a couple interesting posts on there, too!

Till we speak again.

Yours Otto, von Berlin.