Otto von Berlin turns 4 – Birthday blogpost

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Hey folks, it’s me again; your favorite Frenchie and creative director of Otto von Berlin. Summer’s officially over and my owner Gregor Drobnic and I are back in our Kiez – it’s darn cold back here in Berlin. One thing that happens each time we turn to our chosen home, besides exciting new projects, is our birthday. Because mid-September 2013, we opened our small Interior Design Office in Neukölln and we would have not expected such rapid success and establishment. I will take you with on my journey, to the past, present and future of our Berlin architect office.

Otto von Berlin Interior Design

My personal assistant and I, the creative director of Otto von Berlin

I remember back to our first projects, as if they were just yesterday: our first big project at the Lok-Depot and the Café Caramel in Berlin-Mitte. It’s incredible to think that those projects lay four years in the past. I was a little pup back than, who was more concerned about jumping around in Hasenheide than to support my owner with his designs. But that should change rapidly, after we received our first big projects. Starting off with cafés and restaurants, to start-up offices, apartments and even two ‚Love-Trucks’ for the CSD parade in cooperation with the Slovenian embassy. We had to expand our team – my paws weren’t helpful enough. Especially, after a child-hood idol of Gregor requested our services, to highlight his exquisite fashion. It was nobody less than the god of fashion himself, Karl Lagerfeld.

Otto von Berlin Interior Design

A rendering of our Karl Lagerfeld store in Milan

We were fortunate enough, to design three retail-shops for Karl and therefore made the leap to the big and international stage. Our personal masterpiece that we designed for King Karl, stands in Milan – I think it’s quite something, to be able to avert, one has brought a piece of Berlin design to the fashion metropolis. What we did not suspect back then: it was only the start of a big, exciting journey. We set sails to conquer Prague, followed by our quest to finish an incredible project for another big fashion house, Bäumler. Slowly but steadily, Otto von Berlin’s interior designs are seizing Europe by storm. But what should lay in the future for us?

Otto von Berlin Interior Design

Inspecting the start-up office of Secret Escapes

I will just briefly mention some statistics from our Interior Design Office: Eight Coffee Shops, five office complexes, one restaurant, two ‘Love-Trucks’, six apartments, one trade-fair stand and four retail shops. Not bad for a bearded Hipster and his French Bulldog from Berlin-Neukölln, eh?

Otto von Berlin Interior Design

Next stop: BVG

But there are three more projects, whose completion we are awaiting all agog with curiosity. One concept store inside the famous Bikini-Berlin is close to it’s re-launch, as well as a business apartment in Grunewald and another Coffee Shop in Alt-Tegel. All of that within four years – and the year has not ended just yet.

Otto von Berlin Interior Design

Rendering of our office design for Kleiderkreisel

But how does the future look for my owner and I? We contemplated about the destination of our journey. Just recently we were fortunate enough, to have been nominated for the BEST OF INTERIOR 2018 by Callwey that has left a big imprint inside our heads. What started as a last-minute project, helped us to accomplish a huge achievement – the publication of our projects in a book. That itself was already a huge success, but we had the privilege to meet other fellow interior designer from all over Germany, who inspired us with their projects, but moreover their personalities. We have already ruminated about possible joint projects – and let me tell you, our idea is going to be the bomb.

Otto von Berlin Interior Design

One of our favorite projects, convinced the Jury of Callwey to include us in their book

Our wish remains to enrich the world with our interior designs, but we are taking a new goal into play: creating creative and futuristic concepts for start-up offices and retail shops, but to also take the newest trend inspirations to furnish apartments. Only time will tell, if our dreams get to be true. But in the meantime, we are getting ready for our next award ceremony – the Finest Interior Award Private. Cross your paws for us!

Happy faces after the award ceremony in Munich

For now, I am going back to the drawing board and try to help my owner with his new ideas and concepts.

Yours Otto, von Berlin.

Photos: Fizz foto:graphyCristopher Santos for sisterMAG