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Hey everybody, it’s been a while. We had some very busy weeks lately and worked off our paws to get our latest projects on the right track before our big summer break. We have been exposed to a lot of creative input over the year and have been thinking back to our beginnings and our path on how to make this start-up of ours the interior design office we are now. A lot of other creatives, especially in the start-up mekka Berlin, are dealing with the same thought day by day. We have become quite the experts on how to create a memorable statement with your interior design and therefore we would like to share some advice on the best start-up office design. Take a look on those tips for building a space that welcomes productivity, creativity and keeps employees happy.

Start Up Office Design by Otto von BerlinThere are a lot of perks at start-ups that are legendary: free snacks, beach-areas, ping-pong tables and huge chess fields and we have even seen a dry-cleaner inside a start-up once. But the office interior design needs to be equally impressive. As companies break down the traditional ways of doing business, they’re opting for spaces with the same free-thinking attitude. Hence, you should not only focus on ways to make your business a success – you have to make a statement with your office design as well.

Start Up Office Design by Otto von BerlinFlexible Startup Office Spaces

As dynamic as markets can be, so can be a start-up’s workspace within a short period of time. A rapidly expanding company needs a flexible office with space for growth. Designing an office that can grow with your company from the beginning is a much simpler option than moving the whole operation to a larger space every time there’s a new round of hires.

Start Up Office Design by Otto von BerlinDepending on if you are in a temporary space or small office while you are preparing your new corporate office design, observe how your employees work and how the different areas of the office are used. Do people rest on the sofas or are several working at the coffee shop downstairs or at home? Pay attention to how people work or want to work – if your workforce is mobile, you may be able to devote less space to desks and more to collaborative areas, like a beach getaway or even a hammock, like our clients from Secret Escapes got in their office.

Start Up Office Design by Otto von BerlinCommon Spaces

Common areas are essential in every start-up office: they are the heart of the whole work space. Having several spacious and computable areas encourages collaboration and enhances productivity. Finally those days of boxed-in cubicles and offices are done – an outstanding modern office design should create a collaborative work environment with a feeling of transparency and inclusion. We have created many small get-together areas for our client from Sociomantic, to create a cozier and more comfortable work-environment where employees like to meet.

Start Up Office Design by Otto von Berlin Start Up Office Design by Otto von BerlinBut even small office designs should include areas where people can work together or gather for a bigger meeting. As important as common spaces is the inclusion of distraction-free zones in your start-up office space – like small group work rooms or individual areas. Everybody is going to be spending a lot of time in your office during the crucial early stages of your business, so the office decoration should foster creativity and make it feel comfortable.

Cool Office Design

Now we’re at our favorite part – creating an office design that reflects your company and helps you to cultivate your culture and identity. Brand your office with your logo or create a neon sign and choose colors that compliment your corporate visual identity. But never forget: Don’t be afraid of darker colors.

Start Up Office Design by Otto von Berlin

When gathering ideas for office design ideas, look no further than your own employees. Your team is the core of the company – let your team help customize the space with their own art and objects. As a positive side effect it will build morale and community in the process. Other office decorating ideas include bright colors (in some areas, not all…) to promote creativity, gardens and plants to bring the nature in, and plenty of natural light to keep employees energized. And if all of the above are not enough, do it like Secret Escapes – build your own beach for a quick getaway.

Start Up Office Design by Otto von Berlin

Your headquarters should also be a professional space to impress investors and clients. The reception area should make a great first impression and speak to the style of your brand. Extra: don’t forget to plan spaces for events or conferences.

Start Up Office Design by Otto von BerlinOffice Design with Otto von Berlin

Interior designers are not just for residential projects. Our creative masterminds, are highly experiences in commercial design and has been able to specialize in office design layouts and office design trends. As a fellow start-up, Otto von Berlin understands your needs and priorities. Whether your business has been around for years or you’re starting out and need small office design ideas, our team can help with planning, shopping, and finding the right contractors, painters, and other professionals to finish the job. You focus on growing your business – Otto von Berlin will do the rest.Start Up Office Design by Otto von Berlin


But for now we’re putting down our pencils, mice and other equipment to enjoy some days off in my owner’s home country, Slovenia.

We wish you a pleasant summer and looking forward to create more amazing spaces with you very soon.

Yours Otto, von Berlin.

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Start Up Office Design by Otto von Berlin

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