Berlin Industrial Loft Office – A visit at Secret Escapes

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Otto von Berlin bei Secret Escapes

Guys, my doggy bum is really fed up with this stupid weather that I have to survive for months. No matter where I look: grew, cold, wet, snowy, slick – just horrible. I need some vacation! As soon as possible. Preferably some nice beach or any warm place in general. As long as I don’t need to wear this awful sweater that my owner bought me – I’m not a fashionable dog. Yes, I’ll wear that thing one more time. Why don’t you tell me where we’re going, Gregor? A special appointment? Secret Escapes? Online travel agency? Now you’re talking!

Otto von Berlin bei Secret Escapes Otto von Berlin bei Secret Escapes

Is that some sort of bad joke? You said something about a travel agency, mister Drobnic. All I’m seeing is a vermilion red, industrial building in Berlin Kreuzberg. With a hoist as well – how Hipster is that? Well, alright. I’m taking back what I said. Where did we end up here? On the left I can see a beach bar with chairs, while on the right side there is a huge conference room with street art. Oh, and there is more to discover back there. Go, go, go. Take me off my leach. The creative director needs to have a look, if you implemented everything correctly in this loft office.

Otto von Berlin Office Loft

What a huge office space. An open and translucent loft office, where one – just in the interest of another old and bearded genius, Heraklit – can feel the flow of creativity, thoughts and information. Perfect working conditions for the online travel agency.

It was important to our chief interior designer, to reflect the personality of the team and the corporate identity. His inspirations for the space: a loft office where the employees are taken to incredible locations, day-by-day, without having to leave the German capitol. In today’s hectic working world, is it important to create a working space that is at the same time a place of well-being. It shouldn’t be seen as another stress factor.

Otto von Berlin Office Loft Otto von Berlin Office Loft

The left wing of the loft office was transformed into a beach bar theme-world. The foundation for the idea was already existing: a big wall paper with ocean view and a bamboo lodge were implemented, where the team can gather around for a collective dinner and creative exchange. The plaster of the walls is polished to maintain the unique urban loft feeling. So Otto von Berlin, don’t you agree?

Once you leave the “Waikiki-beach”, you find yourself back in the industrial styled Berlin – the connection piece with its vermilion red stones, accentuates the Kreuzberg identity, before we reach our next travel destination in the right wing of the loft office.

Otto von Berlin Office Loft

If I can’t make it to New York then I am making sure that my owner brings Brooklyn to Berlin. The right wing of the loft office was upgraded with a conference room made of glass, just like the offices in the creative metropolis. Light OSB panels aren’t only helping to isolate the room well – the window light illuminates the space and makes it cozy and lively. The final touch: incredible street art, customized by an artist who designed this piece for the online travel agency.

Otto von Berlin Office Loft Otto von Berlin Office LoftMy dog paws are already quite sore. There is just so much to explore in this loft office. Moments ago I strolled along in Brooklyn and now all of a sudden I am taken to Scandinavia, where incredible northern lights fascinate me. Calm, grounded, almost idyllic – the second conference room is the perfect space for a focused meeting. The conference table is accentuated by a dark green linoleum surface and complements the colors of the northern lights painting.

Otto von Berlin Office Loft

The different theme-worlds are not just connected by the industrial feeling of the Berlin building. Just raise your head and you will see, literally, a sky full of clouds. The acoustic ceiling sail that is installed throughout the whole loft office, was covered with cloud wallpaper. Staring at the ceiling of this office really takes you to a different place.

Otto von Berlin Berlin Office Loft

I have one eye candy left for you that our mister interior designer implemented in the loft office: the zen room. Quite. Minimalistic. Relaxing. Hyggelig. Just like the Scandinavian model, Otto von Berlin designed a special sort of safe haven at work. I have a feeling this could be my new favorite place in this office loft…

Otto von Berlin Secret Escapes - Travel - Office

Photos: David Nassim