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Attention. Otto speaking. We had quite an exciting last year with a lot of new projects and changes in our little creative factory. To be prepared for the upcoming challenges, I decided to take some time off at my mother’s place, in Köpenick. In the meantime, my owner Gregor and uncle Aleks went to Paris, to check out the newest Interior Design trends at the Maison et Objet. Uncle Aleks will be telling you what happened for a change. Enjoy.

OvB Maison et Object Blog Post Interior Design

Home Sweet Home, Köpenick – How much I love your woods

Phew, alright. Let’s have a look how I will perform. Hello there, I’m Aleks. The newbie here at the interior design office Otto von Berlin. I will tell you about my experiences on my first interior design fair as part of the team – the “Maison et Objet” in Paris. What an incredible journey that was. Gregor asked me last minute, if I could fill in for Otto. How could I say no to such an offer. So, I packed my suitcase, changed the boarding tickets and off we went to Paris. Paris, folks!

OvB Maison et Object Blog Post Interior Design

Obligatory Eifel Tower Selfie

It’s not my first time in Paris, but every time I return the city flashes me again and again. Especially for the Maison et Objet. The city is full with creative people – not only because of the Paris Fashion Week. People were already talking about the fair when we arrived at Orly airport. I’m super excited. But first, we are going to a good friend of Gregor, who gives us shelter in this busy, yet exciting city. The three of us saunter through the streets of Paris – she wants to show us the newest cafés, restaurants and boutiques with great interior design. Great indeed. That evening we went to a great restaurant as well, owned by a good friend of Gregor’s. Chez Alfred, a Laotian restaurant close to the hip area around Bastille. Incredible cuisine, incredible interior design. Despite us not being the creative minds behind it. But seeing, how well his business is running, it’s only a matter of time to open a second restaurant – Otto von Berlin style, but of course.

It’s the big day at the Maison et Objet: The train heading to the fair is packed with people. The commuter traffic at the BVG is a joke compared to this. Thank god that Gregor and I are standing close to the train door. Every now and then we get a scrap of fresh air to survive that ride. We are stumbling out of the compartment and move as quickly as possible to the main entrance of the Parc d’Expositions. It is ‘survival of the fittest’ – and seems like we won the battle for the best spots in the queue. Just one more bag search and off we go to check out the interior design trends 2017 and gather more inspiration.

OvB Maison et Object Blog Post Interior DesignOvB Maison et Object Blog Post Interior Design

In-cre-di-ble. Wow. I don’t know where to put my eyes first. Everything here is so enormous and no matter where you take a look, one sees great designs, exhibitors and furniture – the diversity of inspiration seems to be eternal. We are fighting our way through the fair from back to front – starting with “The Soul of Design” and heading towards the smaller exhibitors. At one point, we started to talk some business. Gregor starts to speak to different exhibitors, spreads diligently our business cards and collets other’s. In the meantime, I watch him. I want to learn how to conduct the perfect conversation. He knows how to do it. Especially once they start talking about concepts and the realization of ideas. Very impressive, mister CEO.

I could write you a 100-page long dissertation and I still would have not covered all the different designs on the fair. But before I start to bore you to death, I would like to show you my favorite designs:

OvB Maison et Object Blog Post Interior DesignOvB Maison et Object Blog Post Interior DesignOvB Maison et Object Blog Post Interior DesignOvB Maison et Object Blog Post Interior Design

OvB Maison et Object Blog Post Interior Design

THE highlight at the Maison et Objet… – Blackbody OLED

Those couple of days really went by quicker then expected at the Maison et Objet. This metropolis is simply an inspiration – no matter where you walk around. Our heads are full with new ideas and the thirst for actions, to realize all the inspirations we gathered. While we are sitting at Orly airport, waiting for our flight back to Berlin, and writing this text, there is only one thing that goes through my mind: Berlin – Prepare for some wind of change. We set ourselves some goals we want to achieve.

Yours Aleks.

OvB Maison et Object Blog Post Interior Design

Merci, Paris. A la prochaine…