Otto’s Birthday Bash

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It’s my birthday and I… Do whatever I want to! Happy Holidays to everyone from our crew. Before you head off for your yearly justification of your relationship, job, current living situation or anything that your parents don’t approve of, I want to celebrate my birthday with you. My gift is a special story that I want to share with you – How this handsome fella became the dog we all know.

Otto von Berlin Interior Design Cafe Caramel

Chilling in front of my favorite café Caramel is one of my favorite things to do, if somebody would let me go there more often…

I am telling you upfront, I am not usually talking about myself that much. Wait, no, that’s a lie – I do exactly that all the time. Today, I’m sharing a very special story with you. Because four years ago, this Köpenick-native was born to come and conquer the world, with not only his looks but also his brilliance. It took me some time to reach what I achieved now. Very early in my days, I was just a little puppy, my paws and paths crossed with a very important person in my life – my friend and owner (although he knows, who really owns whom…), Gregor Drobnic. I was only 3 ½ months old, when my mom told me one Easter day: “You will have somebody visiting you this afternoon. Who knows maybe he’s going to be a good playing buddy for you.”

First, I thought it would be some sort of those horrible situations, where I have to pick my future flatmate and argue who’s going to clean the house and all what comes with it. I waited the whole day for him. Then, he finally arrived – this big, bearded Slovenian dandy. In the beginning, I thought Gregor looked very much like a Easter Bunny. But he was nicer then expected. Among all my brothers and sisters, who were fighting to become his companion, he immediately detected my irresistible charm and picked me instead. Good choice, Daddy. Good choice.

It was a nice time growing up, yet not an easy one. Puberty really hit me good: Chasing my tiny tail, peeing once too many times on Gregor’s new vintage sofa, eating his apple thingy twice or three times, getting scared of lightning and knowing that I am better off the Vegan-way. We’ve got through this and much more, whilst the both of us were heavily working on pursuing our goals – his dream of having his own Interior Design office and me being the world’s most handsome French bulldog. I guess we’re both heading towards the right direction, my friend.

Otto von Berlin Interior Design Otto

Those lazy warm days… I wish I had my birthday in summer!

On today’s birthday, I was reminded of all the good things and the bad things over the years. Friends came and went, we moved apartments, we designed them, we barked at each other and together at others – and one thing luckily never changed. Having Gregor as my lifetime friend and Hasenheide as our home. To celebrate all of that, I invited my dearest friends to have a big party after Christmas Day.

And to all of you, my fans. Our fans. Thank you very much for sticking all those years together with us. We are looking forward to many new projects to finish, friendships to make and memories to collect. I’m going back to my party for now. Gregor did my favorite dish, I should better go and eat it before some other dog eats it.

Happy Holidays and have a great start to 2017.



Otto von Berlin Interior Design Otto

The morning after face…