Introducing: Aleksandar Kovacevic

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Well, well, well. I’ve just heard Gregor talk about a new guy that is part of our crew now. How does he dare to make that kind of decision without asking me beforehand? Let’s see if that so called Communications Manager is good enough to be part of our creative collective. It’s going to be quite an interview for you, mister Aleksandar Kovacevic.

Otto von Berlin Crew Interior Design

Our newest team member – Communications Manager Aleksandar Kovacevic

Otto: So, Aleks. How did you first heard about Otto von Berlin? What brings you to us?

Aleks: Wow, now that’s what I call out of the ordinary. Getting interview by a French Bulldog…

Otto: The most handsome French Bulldog, I insist. And I am actually your boss; don’t forget that.

Aleks: Right. I’m sorry, sir. Well, I first heard about Otto von Berlin when I got the chance to meet Gregor in Cologne. He went to the IMM, the international interiors show and I was there as a spectator myself. We started to chat a little bit and began to evolve not only a good friendship, but talked about the possible ways how to make you guys more famous than you already are. I love communications and interacting with people and audiences. Or a French Bulldog. So Gregor asked me if I want to be part of your crew and maintain the social media channels and here I sit.

Otto: Well, don’t be so confident yet that you are part of our elite creative minds. I’m still getting to know you. So if you guys met in Cologne, how come you are in Berlin now?

Aleks: It was a very long dream of mine to finally move to Berlin. I knew the city quite well and once I finished my degree in Sociology and Social Psychology at the University of Cologne, I took my chance to start an internship at a great PR agency. After that I just let my curiosity lead me and I started working on creating my own Berlin story. Now it’s already a year that I live I this city and it has so far been the best decision.

Otto: We will see about that, once I am done with you…

 Aleks: Pardon me?

Otto: Moving on. So Sociology and Social Psychology – how is that even linked to architecture and interior design?

Aleks: Oh, it is extremely. Just imagine a space or a building. It is always created for humans (and dogs) to feel comfortable and create a reaction inside someone’s mind. As an architect you don’t only want to create a beautiful building, space or a design; you want to make it functional to the specific needs of the client. Interior designers need to have empathy when they create a space. So to me are also sociologists and psychologists in a way.

Otto: That makes sense, yes. But I still hope you won’t build buildings.

Aleks: No worries. I will leave that to Gregor and Andrea, they are the experts in interior design. I will just work on the communications with our fans and our clients. I am the vessel that listens to those two masterminds and creates interesting stories for our fans to read and inform about.

Otto von Berlin Crew Interior Design

Luckily he can do more then just good coffee

Otto: If it comes to interior design and architecture, what are your inspirations?

Aleks: Well, I have always been a big fan of Zaha Hadid ever since I started to inform myself about architecture. She always saw architecture as an extension of movement. Her kinetic approach, the way she used curves and just showed that there are multiple perspective points. I could go on and on. She has just always been an inspiration. But on the other hand I also really like Brutalism and its roughness – a complete juxtaposition.

Otto: What about our work? What is your favorite project that Gregor and Andrea created?

Aleks: I’ve been always a big fan of Gregor’s approach on interior design. He always puts emphasize on functionality of a space. Blueberry Coffees is my favorite café he designed – the lamps, the chairs, the wallpaper. Everything just works together. And the Brut wine bar he did in Prague is simply amazing. He made me very happy with the burgundy and wine-theme he implemented in that bar – and of course all that amazing vintage furniture.

Otto: Hmm, good choices. I guess you have the potential to become part of our creative team. I like your way of thinking.

Aleks: Well, thank you! I am looking forward to spend many more hours together with you. How about we walk together for a bit? I know a certain somebody like this one park, what’s it called again… Hasenheide?

Otto: Yes! So grab your bag and let’s head out. Thank you for the interview, uncle Aleks.

Otto von Berlin Crew Interior Design

He wanted to do one of those Selfie-things… You can see how much I was into his idea…