Otto’s Birthday Bash

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It’s my birthday and I… Do whatever I want to! Happy Holidays to everyone from our crew. Before you head off for your yearly justification of your relationship, job, current living situation or anything that your parents don’t approve of, I want to celebrate my birthday with you. My gift is a special story that […]

Introducing: Aleksandar Kovacevic

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Well, well, well. I’ve just heard Gregor talk about a new guy that is part of our crew now. How does he dare to make that kind of decision without asking me beforehand? Let’s see if that so called Communications Manager is good enough to be part of our creative collective. It’s going to be […]

Behind the Scenes: Industrial Photo-shooting

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Hey you guys, I have some news. I’m getting famous. Yes, me who else – the most handsome French Bulldog of Berlin. My owner, Senior Interior Designer from Otto von Berlin and I were asked to have a photo shooting with our good friend David Nassim. I’ll tell you what else happened along the way […]