Vintage-chic meets Wine-Bar

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You guys, last time I have already told you about the Coffee culture in Prague that Gregor fell in love with. But I need to tell you about another love story which happened in the beautiful Czech capitol. Last year, Gregor had some friends visiting who talked him into a very spontaneous trip to the city at the Vltava. That’s so like him, mister jet setter. All the time on the road and I’m the one left behind! But this short trip luckily brought two people together who were not only about to become great friends, but also great business partner.

Welcome to Brut - Photo:

Welcome to Brut – Photo:

For all of you who haven’t heard it yet – Prague is an amazing town. So far I only know it from Gregor’s stories, but luckily he is a good storyteller after all. Not as good as me, but he is getting there. I want to tell you about Klara whom my owner met on his spontaneous trip. One evening at a glass of red wine, the two of them were introduced and hit it off right away – telling about each other’s life goals and aspirations. She was a aspiring Sommelière, who dreamed of having her own wine and oysters bar called Brut. Klara told about this constriction site that she had in her property. One that seemed to drag on and on, although the concept and idea were there – but she did not know how to realize her vision. This is where Gregor stepped in with one of his ideas that should change both of their lives.


Our dear mister Interior Designer has a mind on his own and with his typical Gregor style he took a napkin and started drawing various sketches and outlines to express his ideas. Both of them did not want to create on of those mainstream spaces – it should not only be something that represents Klara and her business. It should be something with a very specific touch of a vintage loving Otto von Berlin. What suits a wine bar better, then an implementation with a lot of dark wood and the creation of a vintage atmosphere? Well yeah, lot’s of red emphasizes – you are right. But smart as our Interior Designer is, he had the idea while sipping on his glass of his favorite red wine, the Rioja. But the two creative minds noticed very quickly that they have quite a big hindrance ahead of them. How is an Interior Designer based in Berlin supposed to arrange a wine bar in Prague, without being present himself?

So they dared a big step. The freshly formed relationship of the two wines and vintage lovers was put on the test by a long-distance-brainstorming. How, you ask? Social Media! How everybody else is doing it nowadays. It did not matter that there were 350 km and a border between them. Several Skype conversations and exchanges of Facebook messages helped them to adjust, conduct and implement the ideas they created. Now that’s what I call cosmopolitan!


Everything in Brut was supposed to be a reminder of this drink made of grapes. The whole bar is constructed, as one would brew wine in this very moment. From the cords of the handrail, that reminds one of the cords of vine branches, to the round wooden chairs that look like small wine barrels, to the cases of wine that were put on the wall, so the main actor always shines in splendor. Finally, burgundy colored velvet curtains were implemented and a couch in wine-red directly under a window was the icing on the cake that completed the bar. Oh and did I mention already that they used a lot of cork? To my pleasure of course – it’s a great material to chew on!

This April, Klara finally fulfilled her dream of having her own wine and oysters gastronomy. It was a long way from the first thought to the final realization of the project. Despite 350 km and many obstacles they were able to overcome this and make something special. Don’t you think that this is an amazing love story? But enough with the flirtation – Gregor! I need to go, you know where!

Talk to you soon, guys.