How Interior Design changes the neighbourhood – Otto talks about his Donaukiez

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Hey you guys, it’s me again – yes, exactly that one. That handsome dog from the Donaukiez in Neukölln, Otto from Otto von Berlin. The last times, I gave you a short introduction to my partner Gregor Drobnic’s and my past. It really changed a lot ever since we have settled down to make ourselves at home here in Neukölln. That is why I am taking you on a journey through our Kiez with me. Lots of changes and some of those certainly have our paw-print on them…

Neuköllner Motto - Always was, always will be - Foto: Otto von Berlin

Neuköllner Motto – Always was, always will be – Photo: Otto von Berlin

Oh boy, oh boy. Well, I should rather say oh dog, oh dog, shouldn’t I? It remains crazy to think about all the differences made in the past three years. It seems to me that every time I’m taking Gregor out for a cardio-session, something else has changed around us. New cafés, new bars, restaurants, galleries, concept stores – the list could go on and on. There used to be nothin’ around here! Nobody dared to move to the “problem part of town, Neukölln”. The only problematic part I see around here, is that they have not created enough dog toilettes – it’s like walking through a mine field day-by-day.

When Gregor and I were all young and dynamic (well, I still am, isn’t that true, gramps Drobnic?), we had to walk a lot to find a suitable café, where Gregor would find a proper cake to eat. Nowadays, all we have to do is walk a couple steps out of our door and there are so many options, it makes it hard to choose from. Salon Renate, the Gift, OAK – just a couple shops, that opened recently in our Kiez, where one can find my partner and I. We meet there to discuss the newest designs, renderings or execution plans – or to have cake. A cake a day keeps the doctor away. Right? Right!

What kind of shenanigans did we plan this time … ? – Photo: Otto von Berlin

So many well-designed shops. Even when we didn’t take part in most of the arrangements of those Interior spaces, I have to say that Gregor’s Interior Design colleagues and even competitors didn’t do such a bad job. Some stores were even implemented by the owners themselves – not bad for amateurs. But they can all go get packin’ their stuff, because we have a new project just around the corner of our home… Come with me, I will show you some first impressions.

You will walk in and out of that entrance a lot, soon - Photo: Otto von Berlin

You will walk in and out of that entrance a lot, soon – Photo: Otto von Berlin

Here at the famous Sonnenallee is where all the magic happens. In this so called Mekka for Baklava, Dürüm and other Arabic and Oriental delicatessen, the experts of Otto von Berlin are building a new shop. Well, I know – it’s mostly dust and ash at the moment, but believe me. Once this thing is done, y’all can go and pack up your stuff. There ain’t no competing with us, mhhh hmm! You’re asking yourself what’s it gonna’ be? Well, it wouldn’t be me, Otto from Otto von Berlin, if I wasn’t a little evil genius, who has joy in keeping y’all in the dark, muhaha. Patience is a virtue. I will tell you more when the moment is right. But for now, I’m going to check out how clear and drinkable this toilette’s water is.

Talk to you soon



Work in Progress ... - Photo: Otto von Berlin

Work in Progress … – Photo: Otto von Berlin