New-Wave Hipster meets Prague Coffee Culture

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Folks, ever since Gregor returned from his weekend back in Prague, I’m constantly hearing about one specific topic. Coffee. This weird, black drink that you humans love to drink at all times and pretty much everywhere. I don’t know what is so special about this stuff – my gourmet-snout isn’t having it. But, I have […]

How Interior Design changes the neighbourhood – Otto talks about his Donaukiez

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Hey you guys, it’s me again – yes, exactly that one. That handsome dog from the Donaukiez in Neukölln, Otto from Otto von Berlin. The last times, I gave you a short introduction to my partner Gregor Drobnic’s and my past. It really changed a lot ever since we have settled down to make ourselves […]

Those darn Hipsters – Otto von Berlin visits the Creative Hotspot Kreuzberg

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You guys. The other day I went out for a walk through Berlin-Kreuzberg with my owner Gregor and I have noticed something. No matter where you look, especially in my favorite territory the Paul-Linke-Ufer, you find those all-in-black-dressed, bearded, Cappuccino drinking, with black squared Apple-thingys equipped guys with their Vintage-styled girl counterparts running around. They […]