How it all Began… – Anniversary Day with Gregor Drobnic at the Gleisdreieck-Park

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Hey folks, it’s me again. Your favorite pain in the bum and cutest French Bulldog, Otto. This time, I want to tell you something very special. Not long ago, three years to be exact, Gregor and I came up with the great idea to found Otto von Berlin – our three-year anniversary, crazy! How our bearded giant ascended from being a Personal Furniture Shopper to the king of Interior Design? Just listen to our story.

Monsieur had a bright moment – one that should change our lives forever – Photo: Aleksandar Kovacevic

Three years! I think this is insane every time I hear this number. How you humans would say now: Time flies! I remember, how Gregor snatched me from my sleep, back then when I was a little puppy, to drag me to an appointment. It was his first big moment in the spotlight as an independent Interior Designer – an interview at the Tagesspiegel Berlin. Wicked! When I look through these pictures from the past… Damn, you got old, Mister Drobnic! I on the other hand look still flawless. I guess I am like good wine that only gets better the more it ages. Don’t you agree?

Our picture from the Tagesspiegel. Cute isn’t it? Young, radiant and wrinkles-free – Well, I am talking about myself, in case you were wondering… – Photo: Urs Kuckertz Photography

For our fans, we went back to the place that turned out to be the kick off for our big dream – the Lok-Depot at the Gleisdreieck-Park. Because that’s where we were ordered to, once our interview at the Tagesspiegel got published. Gregor received a call, grabbed me under his arm and off we sprinted to the Depot. Our first real client! Boy, were we nervous and excited! The lady liked us both a lot and wanted us to change her whole apartment. I remember like it was yesterday, that the two of them started to exchange ideas heavily, where to put that couch so it shines in the biggest splendor. I had a quick look around, found my favorite spot in the room and gave Gregor a sign with my paw: here. The lady was so enthusiastic and tells us, how it’s still the favorite spot in the room of anybody who comes in. Friends, family and her two cats (yeah, I know…) are in love with the apartment. As you can see, my talent showed itself already from the beginning of our carriers.

Our first client lives in one of those incredible apartments – What a great space they’ve created around the Lok-Depot – Photo: Aleksandar Kovacevic

Our first client lives in one of those incredible apartments – What a great space they’ve created around the Lok-Depot – Photo: Aleksandar Kovacevic

Three years later and a lot wiser, my partner and I return to the place of action – the Lok-Depot. I stroll along the red buildings, sniff on the trees where I used to mark my territory and see how much the Kiez changed over the years. Meanwhile they opened cafés, some stores and service providers, many families live around and a beautiful Gleisdreieck-Park just in front. But the Lok-Depot was always a very special place to me. Somehow not Bergmannkiez and Kreuzberg, but neither Rote Insel and Schöneberg. The industrial charm, the vermilion metal of the buildings, the wood of the planks and trees, and on top of that the passenger and freight train – authentic, personal, edgy. Just like our style, don’t you agree, Gregor?

Inseparable - Now and forever - Photo: Otto von Berlin

Inseparable – Now and forever – Photo: Otto von Berlin

I’m telling you bye for now, while Gregor and I enjoy sinking in this little nostalgic moment of ours. We’ve made it pretty far, old friend – and I have a feeling, our journey has just begun.




Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all? - What a rhetorical question... - Photo: Otto von Berlin

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? – What a rhetorical question… – Photo: Otto von Berlin


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