The Every Day Life at Otto von Berlin

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Yawn. Good morning everyone. It’s quite early for my kind of taste, but oh well – I guess there is nothing I can do about it! You might have seen my face before, I’m very sure of it. I have many names: Cutie, most handsome French Bulldog in the world. But let me introduce myself to you once again. My name is Otto. Otto from Berlin. And I am the CE-Woof and top dog of the creative masterminds behind Otto von Berlin. It’s quite fancy to have a company called after you, don’t you think? My good pal and owner Gregor Drobnic and I founded this Interior Design company a couple years ago and ever since we have been quite unstoppable together. I’m giving you a heads up on how a typical day looks like in our little Creative Factory.

Rule #1: Don’t wake me – unless you have some treats for me!)

Rule #1: Don’t wake me – unless you have some treats for me!

Usually I am the one being woken up. I wouldn’t consider myself a morning person, but I have learned to deal with the fact, that my partner Gregor needs to wake up early to get everything done. It’s a busy life being a designer let me tell you! But it’s even busier being a French Bulldog! Usually we go for a walk to my favorite place Hasenheide while Gregor slurps down his black, awful-tasting beverage called coffee, down his throat. Yuck! I prefer my l’eau de toilette much more to this. Once we get there, I give Gregor an easy task. I do my morning cardio and exercising, while he only has to act as a personal assistant and throw my discus so I can fetch. 15 to 30 minutes max. and I am good to go. With a lot of success, as you can see from my Adonis-like body.

We go back to the office (well, home) and I am enjoying my breakfast at my favorite spot, the kitchen, while Gregor starts to grind his gears over the upcoming projects. I go back to the room, lay down after an exhausting morning and watch him talk to himself, whilst holding some black squared thing, that I am not allowed to put into my mouth. We had our differences about it and I try to be the better dog and not push or upset him anymore. That black thing with an apple on it didn’t even taste like one anyway. Why call it an apple then? Humans can be very weird sometimes…

Gregor keeps on working and working, sighs every now and then, goes through his chin-face-hair a lot and keeps on watching into that other squared thingy, with a lot of different paintings on it. I have learned by now, that humans call that a computer and those weird paintings are called renderings. He spends a lot of time working on those renderings. Sometimes till very late at night. So today I thought, I should take some work off his back and give myself a try. If he can do it, so can a French Bulldog, right?! It doesn’t look that complicated anyway. He walks into the kitchen with his weird black box, called cellphone and keeps talking to himself. So I take this as an opportunity to have a look at the computer. Hm. How do I do this now… This white thingy must be the key to operating this monster. But I can’t hold it with my paws. Those humans! When will they invent something easy, that everybody can use. Maybe it will work with my nose. Nope, didn’t work either. Maybe with my tail. Hm. Also not really. Oh, what did I do now?! Why is there some black sharp pointy thing walking on the renderings?! Fine! I give up. And now he comes to me all smiley and took a picture of me again. I know I am photogenic, but you should not capture me, while I am doing something I can’t do, Gregor!

DAW - Dog at work, don’t interrupt me!

DAW – Dog at work, don’t interrupt me!

I jump off the chair and return to my spot. It’s much more comfortable anyway. Gregor comes to me and pets my head and tells me he will return back later. Another appointment. Either a photographer, or some new clients, or maybe an upcoming project. I don’t know – It’s nap-time for me anyway! He’d better have some treats when he comes back.

I’m getting woken up again from my beauty sleep. Oh boy, it’s getting dark already. I go towards him, looking for some food or some sort, before I tell him it’s time for my evening exercise. He looks quite exhausted. Maybe just a quick walk and some cuddling on the couch afterwards. I don’t want my friend to be too exhausted for tomorrow. Because it’s going to be a long day for him again. But that’s how life is as a designer I guess. I prefer my life much, much more to those of humans. It’s great to be Otto from Berlin! Cheers to you and talk to you soon.