Otto von Berlin goes Berlin pride 2016

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Good day y’all. It’s me again, your favorite French Bulldog, Otto from Otto von Berlin. I have mobilized my last bits of energy, to tell you how my weekend went. This time I was live there at the CSD parade in Berlin and spied a bit for you. Spied, you ask? I will explain to […]

A visit at Blueberry Coffees with Otto von Berlin

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The Berlin Café “Blueberry Coffees” is both barber and bistro in one. The interior is thanks to its clear form language pure and unadulterated. A very elegant art-nouveau building in Berlin, one of many beautifully kept houses in Wilmersdorf. Luckily there are many. In a side street at one of the most known shopping-streets in […]

DIY: Create your own Vintage Teasure Otto von Berlin-Style

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New doesn’t necessarily mean it is the most attractive. Especially not if it comes to furniture design: Vintage is still the big trend of 2016. Furniture that looks like it was found somewhere on grandma’s attic, but nowadays worth a fortune. Some try to be lucky and find it on flee markets, some search on […]

The Every Day Life at Otto von Berlin

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Yawn. Good morning everyone. It’s quite early for my kind of taste, but oh well – I guess there is nothing I can do about it! You might have seen my face before, I’m very sure of it. I have many names: Cutie, most handsome French Bulldog in the world. But let me introduce myself […]